Funding Applications

Funding Applications

Population Matters, in raising funds through PopOffsets, has adopted a policy of reviewing funding applications on a project-by-project basis. This allows the many local grassroots organizations greater opportunity and access to potential funding and enables us to audit such projects rather than risk funds being absorbed as part of larger budgets of major family planning organizations.

We want to ensure that funds raised are directed to new projects and developments in fields of family planning in order to bring choice where previously no choice existed.

Each application for funding is assessed on its individual merits and a range of criteria in demonstrating:


  • economic efficiencies
  • clear objectives
  • the additional benefits delivered
  • quantifiable outputs
  • that the project does not work to the detriment of another project
  • that there is no double counting
  • auditability
  • accountability

We ask that organizations interested in applying for project funding contact us for further information.