Help with Family Planning in the Philippines
Funding from PopOffsets has provided new Family Planning facilities for the people of Caloocan City in the Philippines. Funding through the Population Matters Charity has helped over 100 participants with procedures to give them control over their fertility
August 2016

WINGS report on their help given in Guatemala
The successful clinics continue to help and improve family life, such as Ana Antonieta who is now happy with her stable family size.
21 April 2016

700 unwanted pregnancies avoided in 6 one-day clinics
Hundreds of Kenyan women helped with family planning and education through PopOffsets funded Dandelion Africa clinics.
18 January 2016

Climate change agreement reached in Paris
Negotiators representing 195 countries have agreed to a deal intended to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and to limit global warming.
7 December 2015

Half of Amazon tree species 'face extinction'
A report published in the journal Science Advances indicates that as many as 57 per cent of Amazon tree species may become extinct in the near future.
5 December 2015

David Attenborough's climate conversion
Not so long ago, our patron Sir David Attenborough was a self-professed climate-change skeptic.
3 December 2015

Pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives
Groundbreaking laws in California and Oregon will soon make obtaining contraceptives much easier for millions of women.
1 December 2015

Pope delivers stern warning on climate change
Pope Francis has stated that failing to act to address global warming would be "catastrophic" and urged governments to reach an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference.
29 November 2015

Human Ponzi scheme of population growth
To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need a "both-and" approach involving efforts to slow down global population growth and promote vegetarian diets.
27 November 2015

Desperate not to have children
Two women who do not want to have children — one British and one Iranian — explain why.
25 November 2015

Population of Indonesia now 255 million
The Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia has reported that the population of the country increased by approximately three million during the past year and is now about 255 million.
23 November 2015

Climate change rally in Paris called off
A mass climate change rally scheduled to be held in Paris before the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that will take place in the city from 30 November to 11 December has been called off in response to security concerns.
21 November 2015

Population education in the classroom
New online tools are being made available to allow educators to provide information about the history and effects of population growth.
19 November 2015

More women in poor contries using contraception
A record number of women and girls in the world's poorest nations are using modern methods of contraception, according to a report just issued by FP2020.
17 November 2015

Scared by climate change?
Verisk Maplecroft has compiled a list of the 10 countries likely to be affected least by climate change.
15 November 2015