Projects Recently Supported by PopOffsets

Projects Recently Supported by PopOffsets


World Vasectomy Day

The first World Vasectomy Day was 18 October 2013, when 150 doctors in 25 countries performed more than 1,000 vasectomies. PopOffsets gave funds to support a "pop-up" vasectomy clinic in New York.

On the second Day, 7 November 2014, more than 500 doctors in 32 countries performed an estimated 3,000 vasectomies. It was the largest male-oriented family planning event in history. PopOffsets funded a clinic in Florida at which 32 vasectomies were performed.


Community Health and Sustainable Environment Africa


A PopOffsets grant to Community Health And Sustainable Environment Africa and its partner Community Health Africa Trust is financing the work of a "backpack" nurse in Kenya for a year. The nurse will provide family planning services to poor communities in remote northern regions, carrying most of the supplies, as the name suggests, in a backpack. Some 7,500 women and their partners will receive free family planning services and appropriate counseling through this programme.

Wasichana Teenagers' Forum

The 'Orphans Foundation Fund' in Tanzania has set up a forum on which teenage girls can discuss amongst themselves, with a trained female adult chair, their ambitions, problems, role in society, relationships with boys, the folly of getting pregnant and how to avoid it, etc. A PopOffsets supporter made a generous donation specifically to help finance this project.

PHE Ethiopia

PHE Ethiopia takes an integrated approach to development, addressing environmental, health and population issues together. It aims to reduce birth rates and thus improve maternal health, quality of life, resilience to climate change and development potential, and reduce carbon emissions and pressure on ecosystems. PopOffsets donated funds for contraceptive supplies and other expenses on the family planning side of PHE-E's activities.

United Kingdom

Margaret Pyke

Margaret Pyke Trust

A grant was made to the Margaret Pyke Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health to produce a video for women considering long-term reversible contraception. This allows women to review their options before receiving individual counseling, freeing up professionals' time.

United States

Utah Population & Environment Coalition

PopOffsets is supporting the Utah Population & Environment Coalition, a not-for-profit organization that works to raise public awareness about the environment, sustainability and population in Utah. Utah has a small population (2.8 million) but a high birth rate — 43 per cent above the US average. The grant will be used to provide long-term contraception to women who would otherwise find this difficult to access. The program's clinic attends to women from a wide range of backgrounds.

Previously PopOffsets has supported organisations and projects such as Brook in the UK, Reef Doctor in Madagascar and PACCAF in East Africa.