PopOffsets is founded on research that demonstrates clearly the link between population increase and environmental degradation, and of course the reverse: "fewer people, less carbon".

Three key papers:

Fewer Emitters, Lower Emissions, Less Cost - Reducing Future Carbon Emissions by Investing in Family Planning

Youthquake - Population, Fertility and Environment in the 21st Century

The Economics of Population Policy for Carbon Emissions Reduction in Developing Countries


Every organization that chooses to offset its carbon emissions through PopOffsets automatically receives a certificate confirming the contribution made and the amount of carbon offset.

Organizations of course may choose not to receive a certificate.

Many organizations voluntarily offset their carbon emissions, but an increasing number are required to do so by law. In order to achieve legal compliance, the carbon offsets must be officially accredited.

We are lobbying for family planning to be accredited as a carbon offset for legally obligated companies. After all, an absent human cannot emit carbon dioxide. Technological fixes can be readily measured and quantified — a wind farm, for example, can generate a predictable amount of noncarbon energy — but quantifying the nonemissions of a nonexistent person and his or her nonexistent descendants is a bit more difficult!

By supporting PopOffsets, you can add your voice to our campaign for accreditation.