PopOffsets and Your Organization

PopOffsets and Your Organization

Many organizations choose voluntarily to offset their carbon dioxide emissions by supporting carbon offset projects. Many of these projects are controversial and fail to address wider environmental, conservation or sustainability issues.


PopOffsets enables organizations to offset their emissions by funding family planning, which is the most cost-effective way of reducing climate change. Nonexistent persons do not create greenhouse gas emissions, and nor do their nonexistent descendants.

Most companies and organizations have no legal obligation to offset, but do so to meet their corporate social responsibilities. We recognize that for organizations to offset their carbon with PopOffsets requires them to be visionary and innovative. We believe that forward-looking companies will choose to support the PopOffsets project.

Case Study


For a number of years the strategic environmental consultancy Strateco Ltd. chose to offset its carbon emissions through different carbon offset providers. The Chairman and Managing Director, however, was unhappy with funding projects that, while offsetting carbon, also had negative environmental impacts. It was his chance conversation with his old friend Professor John Guillebaud, one of the patrons of Population Matters, that led directly to the creation of PopOffsets and Strateco becoming the first company in the world to offset its carbon emissions through the funding of family planning projects.


We will not use your organization's support as an endorsement unless you give us permission to do so.